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Why Use Genuine OEM Supplies?
(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

At Optimum Business Services we are concerned with the performance of your Canon, Copystar or FP office product. We
understand the expense involved in not only acquiring your system but also the expense associated with maintaining it. As with
many industry's there are third party companies which produce generic supplies for some systems. These generic supplies are often
touted by these manufacturers to rival the performance and quality of the original manufacturered supplies and at a lower cost. Based on our experience of over 25 years, that is certainly not the case. Any potential savings are often lost as a result of poor performance, contamination and additional expenses associated with resolving these problems.Using Genuine OEM parts and supplies is your best insurance against equipment damage, and possibly voiding your equipment warranty or Maintenance Agreement.

Here are some more reasons to rely on Genuine CANON, Copystar (Kyocera), & FP Toner, Inks, Parts, and Supplies:

Decades of manufacturing expertise.
Products are evaluated and tested under extreme conditions.
All machines and consumables produced by the manufacturer are constantly being redesigned and improved.
By using Genuine OEM supplies you can enhance the quality and performance of your Canon equipment, experiencing:
Longer life for your equipment.
Higher yields.
Superior performance.
Highest-quality output.
Minimal jamming or malfunctioning of equipment.

As an authorized dealer for Canon USA, Copystar & FP we are your source for all OEM supplies. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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